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To help you guide through our process and keep you informed about how we handle your data and information, we’ve curated this guidebook to our privacy policy. This includes everything ranging from how we collect, use and disclose our users’ personal and non-personal information.


Our primary mission at Securiux is to help bridge the gap between employers and potential employees. And to educate our users about how we work and use their information, we’ve developed a privacy center. Read on to discover more about how we share your data and more.


What Information Does Securiux Collect About Its Users?


For different purposes mainly targeted at helping people find jobs, we collect information:



Why Does Securiux Collect All this Information?


We collect and use this information to help bridge the gap between job seekers and offerers and improvise on our services. Simply put, we use your personal data only when applicable, to:



Who is this Information Shared With?


User data collected by Securiuxis shared with our affiliates, employers, job seekers, and third-party service providers essential to running operations and protecting our users’ privacy (for data storage or fraud protection).


For How Long does Securiux Stores Your Information?


Simply put, we, at ExpediUSA, store user data until it is no longer necessary for rendering our services or until our users ask us to delete their personal data. In some cases, we store user information for a longer period of time when we are required to comply with local laws.


Note: If you wish to delete your personal data, please submit a deletion request with our team, and we will ensure to take the necessary steps.


What are Your Rights W.R.T. Your Personal Data?


We, at ExpediUSA, take your privacy very seriously. We provide the right to protect personal data to all our users globally, including access to your personal data, deletion of the data to getting your data in a portable format, and restricting or objecting to certain possessing of your personal data.


Simply put, our use of your personal data is solely based on your consent. Moreover, we also provide our users with the right to withdraw consent at any point during the duration of rendering our services to ensure complete control and privacy. Moreover, you also have the right to complain to your local data protection authority of supervisory in case you believe there has been a violation of our privacy policy.


Changes to Securiux’s Privacy Policy


To determine when our privacy policy was last updated, please review the “Last Updated” line at the top of this page. Also, please note that Securiux reserves the right to update our privacy policy as and when required without any notice. You may be prompted with a notification or pop-up message the next time you visit our website, informing you of such changes.


Please Note: You will have accepted the amended privacy policy the next time you use our website or provide any information following such changes.


What Type of Information is Collected by Securiux?


Securiux collects a ton of information from our users, primarily to improvise on our services. However, user data is also used for several other purposes, as mentioned earlier. All of this information is associated with your Securiuxaccount and is collected from:-



When you create a new account, provide information, subscribe to a service, participate in a survey, post a review, ask a question or post an answer, upload or build a resume, complete any sort of assessment, update your job preferences, or otherwise send us data on our website, Securiux collects and stores that data.



Whether you scroll, click, mouseover, or even hover over any of our links on the website or otherwise interact with or communicate, we will keep track and collect data of any such activity. This may include Securiux collecting, analyzing, processing, and storing information from and about your digital device, including, but not restricted to, your resume, searches, titles for job search, salary interest, experience level, etc.



If you are using any automated phone screening device, Securiux will record and store this information and forward your answers to the Employer. And, if you are currently not using but intend to use such a product, you’ll be required to agree in advance to Securiux‘s privacy policy in accordance with this.



Irrespective of whether you are a job seeker or an employer, you’ll be required to provide certain information in order to verify your Securiux account. This data and information may include, but not be limited to, your identification or social security number, business registration information or a utility bill (in case of an employer), the name, and email address, etc. This information will be used by ExpediUSA for internal purposes only, subject to any request by a law enforcement agency or court order.



If you are using any of our chargeable services, Securiux will collect payment information, including, but not confined to, the last four digits of credit, debit, or any other payment card numbers and related verification information.


Please Note: Securiux only has access to the last four digits of card numbers and does not store full card numbers or related security codes. So your card details and any other payment information you provide or store on our website are absolutely safe.



Users can, entirely at their own choice, provide demographic information to Securiux, such as their age, race, ethnicity, gender, and LGBTQ+ community membership for specific purposes such as evaluating fairness in our offerings, including testing for unfair bias.


Please Note: The provision of this information is entirely voluntary and will not be used to determine the result of your job application in any way.



When you update any information with Securiux ranging from your “About Me” section to your public or private profile, we collect this data and make it visible on our ” Search” and elsewhere on the website to employers and other users based on your choice of sharing private information.


Please Note: It may take us a few days to collect and reflect these changes on the website. So your updated data may not appear instantly on the website.


Additional Uses and Disclosures of Non-Personal Data


Securiuxs privacy policy not only applies to your personal data but also to the use of non-personal data. We may use and disclose such essential non-personal data for any purpose besides where we are required to do so under the state, local, or other applicable laws. If we do combine any non-personal data with personal data, we will only use and disclose such combined information for the following purposes:-





To protect your data and profile against loss, misuse, and alteration, Securiux has stringent security measures in place. However, please be apprised that no method of communication or transmission over the internet or electronic storage is 100% secure. In addition, please note that emails, messages, and any sort of communication sent via your web browser are not encrypted. Therefore, while we strive to ensure safety, we cannot guarantee 100% security.


Securiux’s Cookie Policy


The small pieces of information stored on your computer’s hard drive by your browser are known as “Cookies”. This takes place from the moment you visit the Securiux website, and in some cases, our advertisements on third-party websites. Securiux uses cookies from third-party partners such as Google and Facebook for measurement services, better targeting advertisement, and other marketing purposes. These cookies allow us to display promotional content or material to you on other websites in order to bridge the gap between you and potential employers.


Please Note: We may also share information about your browsing activity on our website with third parties in order to display targeted advertisements and other related content customized for you.


Do Not Track Requests


We do not respond to your web browser’s “Do Not Track” signal even if enabled by the user. When Securiux reads cookies on non-affiliated websites that integrate with our job search, we do so only to provide a personalized job search experience. And such information is not shared with those third parties.


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