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Why Use Securiux?

These are the challenging issues that face small businesses who must obtain and hold a facility security clearance and appoint a Facility Security Officer (FSO).  Many Small businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time FSO paying as much as $90,000 a year. Also, the security industry is ever changing not to mention the inspections.  A full-time employee who has been named FSO does not have the time to constantly stay current on changes and learn all the procedures and processes required for a compliant Industrial security program.  However government customers still want to offer a solid security program at their organization. This is where Securiux comes in. Our mission is to help all sized businesses  with an affordable solution in lieu of  hiring a full-time person or assigning it to an employee who needs to focus on other important areas of the company instead.  Securiux can meet and exceed your who are part of the National Industrial Security Program requirements.

Our Services

Employing a security team or Facility Security Officer (FSO) can be annoying and expensive while spending more time than desired on non-revenue producing activities. Securiux team of security experts offers the essential support to manage small to big security programs at a fraction of the cost.

Our Security Program managers are highly experienced in all aspects of Industrial Security services and Compliance and management of daily security operations. Every client is initially assigned to the Securiux Compliance Team for program analysis, evaluation, and management. Once the needs are established, the client is then assigned a team of people to provide support 24X7 hours.

Procedures and policies are the backbones of a sound security compliance program. Securiux has the professional experience and knowledge in security compliance required to execute custom procedures for our clients. We ensure our client’s compliance and internal needs are accurately assessed, understood, applied, and fruitfully met. Our team is expert in defining solutions, recognizing and resolving security problems, and building corporate security policies to include Security Operational Policies for client-specific needs.

Therefore, the approach we use to support your security program is vigilantly tailored to accomplish your needs and security expert consulting requirements. If you want to discuss your specific Facility Security Officer Consulting Needs and grow an arrangement that is both appropriate and efficient, you can reach us.

From small businesses to large businesses, security concerns are a contentious topic that every business owner looks wants to conclude. Securiux aims to help every type of organization with a reasonable solution, preventing you to hire a full-time person for it. Our experts can meet and exceed you who are part of the National Industrial Security Program requirements. Security services are required by many, so organizations should take a wise decision for it. Also, we are reputed and authorized to provide you with excellent services.


  • FCL Establishment
  • Insider Threat Program Creation & Management
  • Annual Self-Assessment
  • DCSA Assessment Preparation
  • Quarterly Meetings
  • Security Contract Management (DD 254)
  • Security Standard Practices Procedure (SPP) Manual Creation


  • Initial Clearance and Reinvestigation Processing
  • Required Education
  • Visit Requests
  • International Travel (briefing, reporting, visit requests, etc.)
  • Personnel Administration (continuous tracking, updates, separations)
  • Incidents and Investigations
  • Personnel Reporting


  • Initial Security Briefing and Annual Refresher Training
  • Periodic Notifications/Emails
  • Special Briefings (CNWDI, COMSEC, NATO)
  • Insider Threat Education




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