Facility Clearance (FCL) Management

Facility Clearance (FCL) Management

Your business can work in management and function well when get introduced to facility clearance management (FCL). By maintaining all the security policies and keeping your company’s details confidential, FCL ensures your workflow runs flawlessly and without any hassles. Our services for FCL include accurate insider threat program formation and management, quarterly meetings, annual self-assessment, DCSA assessment preparation, Security Contract Management (DD 254), and Security Standard Practices Procedure (SPP) Manual Creation.

So, the moment you need the FCL management services, be smart enough to get in touch with Securiux. We understand your concerns and know how to execute security programs to your company system and make every employee has high credibility on you and encourage them to feel secure. Everything is done via authorized methods and systematic procedures so that your firm gets the FCL management reliable, and you can work through it hassle-free. Therefore, FCL is essential for every small and big enterprise in the present competitive world.

Entities, including academic institutions and organizations, engage in serving services or goods to the United States government involving the creation of classified information can be granted a facility clearance or FCL. When facility management professionals determine that an entity has a legitimate requirement for classified details in connection with the US government or international government need, an entity can be sponsored for FCL.

Every FCL sponsorship request is submitted through the NISS or National Industrial Security System. All changes of conditions, FCL requests, or self-inspection certifications are submitted to NISS.

Once a facility is cleared, the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) evaluates the security system functions of the firm. All individuals of DCSA are considered as the principal interface with cleared industry. These individuals have a massive network in massive geographic regions and work in a professional partnership with the company’s facility security officer and facility management staff to ensure the shielding of classified information delivered under research and development efforts.


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