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Securiux has over 20 years of hands on National Industrial Security experience, and successful pass hundreds of vulnerability inspections.  Whether you’re a business learning to navigate the facility clearance process or you’re an established and growing company looking for some additional support for your Facility Security Officer (FSO), Securiux wants to partner with you to advance and enhance your security programs and teams. By merging our team of industrial security experts and managed security services with your own, you will increase elasticity in your organization and create a more effective security force, who are freed up to grow and maintain your business. Our services focus on compliance support for the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), keeping you up to date with its changes. Employees vibrantly engage in making the company successful, where business growth affects the entire enterprise. Every business unit does its part to meet deadlines and perform on the contract per the statement of expectations and work. with the growth in business, the engaged facility security officer (FSO) should get prepared for such development.
We  offer a flat-rate FSO services pricing model to fit your needs. Below are some services included with all monthly plans:

Extensive Facility Security Officer experience

Securiux will enable FSOs to remain compliant with the National Industrial Security Program (NISP). Out training is designed for understand the National Industrial Security Program (NISP), to include the administrative requirements and procedures for protecting classified material.

The FSO should continue maintenance and the development of relationships with key business units and employees. Such communication permits the FSO to forecast needs for the performance of classified work, a shield of the firm employees, and storage of classified material, capital, and products.

On Demand Consultation

Sometimes you have a problem and you are unsure of the right answer.  We can help.  On a moments notice Securiux can discuss your issue via zoom or a phone call.  No problem is too hard.  We have seen every possible scenario at all levels of security.

Forward-thinking FSO has a valuable part in guarding a company’s secrets, needs, predicting costs, and helping plan for the fruitful execution and defense of classified contracts.

Director of Operations – Darren Daniels

Darren is a highly motivated industry security expert with over 20 years of experience as a Facility Security Officer, Security Manager in the industrial security field. He has a proven track record as a Facility Security Officer by scoring Superior ratings on DCSA’s Assessments. He has a proven record of administering policies and procedures and managing DSS self-inspections, preparing DD254’s, maintaining personnel clearances, ensuring fully secure environment. Darren is a 20 year retire military veteran with over 20 years of experience as a Facility Security Officer. Proven record of administering policies and procedures and managing DCSA’s annual inspections while achieving highest rating. Superb initiative maintaining compliance with NISPOM, ISL, SEADs, DISS, NISS, SWFT support, security education and training, self-inspection readiness, and initial Facility Clearance processing from start to finish.

Darren received his bachelor’s in information technology, and he is a sitting board member with the Industrial Security Awareness Council (ISAC) holding the position of Training Officer. He holds certifications as FSO Program Management, COMSEC Custodian, OPSEC Training Officer, and multiple CDSE continuing education training.


• Contractors will comply with SEAD 3 reporting requirements. Also, contractors under the security cognizance of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) must have a written plan/standard practice procedures (SPP) in place for implementation of SEAD 3 reporting requirements. This written plan/SPP must be available for review during scheduled assessments. DCSA will incorporate the assessment of compliance with SEAD 3 reporting requirements that began on August 24, 2021, into scheduled assessments no earlier than March 1, 2022

• As of February 24, 2021, the NISPOM we have all grown to love and quote by chapter was removed from existence.
• Replaced with 32 CFR Part 117
• The NISPOM is now codified in the Code of Federal Regulations
• It is no longer DoD Manual 5220.22M
• Page 83312 of the Federal Register, Vol. 85, No. 245
• Implements requirements of Security Executive Agent Directive 3 (SEAD3)
• Contractors must implement changes no later than 6 months after the published rule.
• DCSA will publish an exact implementation date in an Industrial Security Letter (ISL) which will contain further guidance about the rule’s implementation.

• 32 CFR 117.8(a)
• Reporting Requirements
• 32 CFR 117.9(m)
• Limited entity eligibility determination (non-foci) and limited entity eligibility
• 32 CFR 117.11(d)(2)(iii)(A)
• National Interest Determination
• 32 CFR 117.15(e)(2)
• TOP SECRET Information Accountability
• 32 CFR 117.15(d)(4)
• Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Installation
• 32 CFR 117.15
• Safeguarding
• 32 CFR 117.7(b)(2)
• Senior Management Official (SMO)
• 32 CFR 117.13(d)(5)
• Classified Information Retention

• Cleared contractors must submit reports pursuant to Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) 3 and cognizant security agency (CSA) guidance that supplements unique CSA mission requirements.
• Directive establishes reporting requirements for all covered individuals who have access to classified information or hold a sensitive position

• Foreign Travel
• Under SEAD3 all foreign travel by a cleared employee is reportable regardless of purpose or clearance level.
• Cleared employees must submit an itinerary to their FSO prior to travelling and receive approval. Emergency circumstances may preclude full compliance with pre-travel reporting requirements. At a minimum, the employee shall verbally advise the FSO prior to departure. A full reporting is required within 5 business days of return.
• Any deviation from the approved itinerary shall be reported within 5 business days of return.
• Prior to travel, the cleared employee must receive a defensive security and counterintelligence briefing.

Securiux can do it all

  • Full walkthrough of the process of getting your facility cleared
  • DISS Support
  • Personnel Clearance Administration
  • Inspection Prep
  • Government-required briefings: Initial, Annual, Debriefing
  • Proper Safeguarding
  • Write security plans and procedures (writing and revising security plans, procedures/instructions, fixed facility checklists, SOP and information security plans and procedures as needed)
  • Prepare and maintain physical security requirements
  • Development and implementation of security awareness program
  • Participate in company self-inspections and audits
  • Prepare any reports, documenting the current status of all open security requests to be forwarded to executive management
  • Accurate and efficient creation and maintenance of personnel security files
  • Provide security support to management and for contracts (for prime and subcontracts)
  • Educate regarding government and company security policies, as well as provide direction and guidance with regard to these program security regulations
  • Assist with maintaining certification and accreditation of the facilities
  • Provide ad hoc support responding to security requirements from customers, ensure they meet compliance of government security directive
  • Process personnel security clearances via the Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing e-QIP
  • Participate in an active Security Awareness and Education Program
  • Proposal support – write ups and data calls
  • VARS, DD254s, Forms, Reports and all other FSO Administration
  • Security education such as web training and newsletters
  • The latest industry regulations and changes
  • A tailor-made program for your organization


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